“Musicality is Our Mission”


Tyrone Heade
Pipe Major

Member since 1992.

Eric Wallace
Drum Sergeant & President

Member since 2014.

Clyde Jenkins
Piper & Vice President

Member since 2012. Favorite EBPB moment: "When the strike in is perfect, the tunes go well, the tone is rich, and the cutoff makes all sound disappear in an instant.  And then the beer, cider, or soda after the performance with the good friends in the band."

Jan Begg
Pipe Sergeant
Bruce Jarvis
Piper & Secretary

Member since 1996. 

Will Van Ry
Piper & Treasurer

Member since 1996. Favorite moment in EBPB: "The chills you feel as the chanters strike in and the great music that follows."

Anne Sylte Bloom
Piper & Quartermistress

Member since 1992. Favorite thing about EBPB: "EBPB takes the mission to make great music seriously, but is relaxed enough to have fun and balance life and family commitments."

Jason Thomas
Theresa Burchell
Jessie Hausner
Lauren Hausner
Stephanie Heins

Member since 2017.